Smoking is bad for you, no matter what species you may be.

A chimpanzee named Azalea at a zoo in North Korea has been making waves among visitors because she smokes. Yeah, we know Camel is the animal of choice when it comes to smoking, but it looks like it's got some competition.

Nineteen-year-old Azalea smokes about a pack a day and even lights up the cigarettes on her own or uses a lit cigarette to light another one. But don't worry: the zoo says she doesn't inhale.

Visitors have reportedly laughed while watching Azalea smoke like a cop on a stakeout. Earlier this week, his trainer appeared to goad her into continuing to smoke, while also do tricks, like touch her nose and dance.

So, what do you think. Is this funny or do you think the zoo should be disciplined in some capacity for allowing the chimp to do this? And should the animal be removed from the premises to lead a healthier lifestyle?

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