Weeks after defending comments she made about a story in her recently published memoir that have been interpreted to mean she believes rape victims can be responsible for their own assault, Chrissie Hynde has made it clear she's grown tired of the controversy.

Hynde bristled when the subject came up during a recent NPR interview, initially refusing to recount the story in the book — which describes her abduction at the hands of a biker gang in her early 20s — and insisting, "I never said I was raped, and I've never used the word, and it's not in the book."

Pressed to continue, Hynde resisted framing the story in negative terms, shrugging, "I was having fun, because I was so stoned. I didn't even care. That's what I was talking about, I was talking about the drugs more than anything, and how f---ed up we were. And how it impaired our judgment to the point where it just had gotten off the scale."

But when talk turned to the negative response her story has generated from those who accuse her of assigning blame to rape victims who she feels may have behaved irresponsibly, Hynde fired back at her critics, pointing out they're under no obligation to buy the book or listen to her music.

"Just don't buy the f---ing book, then, if I've offended someone. Don't listen to my records," she retorted. "'Cause I'm only telling you my story, I'm not here trying to advise anyone or tell anyone what to do or tell anyone what to think, and I'm not here as a spokesperson for anyone. I'm just telling my story. So the fact that I've been — you know, it's almost like a lynch mob."

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