The 17th annual CHUM Rhubarb Festival comes back and you can attend online or in-person, which will meet everyone in the middle, those that are comfortable can come and if you are not, you can attend virtually.

The week-long celebration takes place from June 20-26 with special rhubarb-themed meals and treats, including At Sara’s Table, Sir Benedict’s Tavern, Love Creamery, and more. See the entire list on the CHUM website.

Show up at the United Methodist Church (The Coppertop Church) from 10 am to 2 pm, for some Rhubarb fun, special Rhubarb food, other food, and Rhubarbara. (You have to go to find out what that is. Social distancing and respect will be followed with Minnesota health Department protocols. There will be activities for the kids, rhubarb treats, and Rhubarb Festival gear for sale.

The CHUM Rhubarb Festival is an annual fundraiser to support CHUM’s mission.

The goal this year is $50,000 by making a gift today at

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