2023 marks the 18th year of the Chum Rhubarb Festival in Duluth.

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The annual event is of course about all things rhubarb like pies, muffins, and various crisps centered around the tart tasting vegetable.  But it's also about bringing the community together.

To put on the annual event, it takes a lot of volunteers and of course a lot of rhubarb.  Chum needs to fill about 75 positions to make the festival happen and there are lots of ways you can help out.  Between working in the kitchen, taking photos, handling signage, and even just harvesting rhubarb, there is plenty of work to go around.

The Rhubarb Festival helps raise funds for Chum and all they do to help those in need.  Chum is a massive resource in Duluth helping with homelessness, hunger, and poverty and in order to keep programs running and add to available resources, help is always needed.  It's easy to sign-up to volunteer for the festival, but besides people on-site for the event, they need as much rhubarb as possible too.

From Sunday June 11th-Friday June 16th, donations of rhubarb will be accepted at the West Duluth SuperOne.  Remember to pull the rhubarb and not cut it and chop off the leaves but leave the stalks intact, as in don't chop it up. Just bring it to the service desk and they will direct you from there.

Even if you can't donate or volunteer, consider going to the festival on Saturday, June 24th at 2802 East 4th Street in Duluth.  There you can help out the cause and try everything rhubarb including brats and burritos, yeah, I didn't know those were a thing either, but sign me up for a brat.

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