Minnesota can be a great state to live in, with so much to do outdoors most parts have a legitimate four seasons if you like that kind of variety.

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Just like any state in the US though, there are always cities that have more issues than others.

Crime, little or no employment opportunities, bad schools, and drug issues can be major factors playing into a city not being a great place to live or raise a family.

I was actually in search of a particular video of Duluth naming it a bad city to live in and came across another one that I actually assumed Duluth would be listed in.  To my surprise it wasn't, but close enough to Duluth the City of Virginia was listed.

I have friends that live in or very near Virginia, and I've spent a lot of time up there for work, and I never really thought of it as a bad place to live.  Downsides in my mind would be things like not a big variety of restaurants or entertainment options.  Upsides for me would be if you worked in a nearby mine or really enjoyed being outdoors, especially in the winter.

As you'll note in the video, Virginia made number 6 in the producers list of "10 Places in Minnesota You Should Never Move to".

Cited reasons Virginia is not so great is the shrinking population, crime rate, highest divorce rate in the state, and others of course.  The video does give Virginia props for the schools and after school activities, and of course the outdoor activities in general.

I don't live there but I guess I never saw Virginia as that bad a of a place to live, especially with the lower cost of housing compared to other areas.  If you do or have lived in Virginia, do you agree with the video?

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