Nothing can last forever; review and change can be good for the process.  This is especially true when it comes to government and regulations.

That's exactly what the City of Duluth has in mind as they embark on a process to review and update the City Code.  Specifically speaking, the Duluth City Code is comprised of the City Charter and Legislative Chapters 1 through 51, which "establish the authority, responsibilities, structures, and processes for the City of Duluth to operate".  Big words that essentially summarize the ordinances that govern residents in the community.

In order to spur the process on, the City of Duluth has created an Ordinance Modernization Task Force.  Members were selected among city leaders.  They include:

  • Janet Kennedy - City Council Vice President
  • Noah Hobbs - City Councilor
  • Azrin Awal - City Councilor
  • Noah Schuman - Chief Administration Officer
  • Rebecca St. George - Duluth City Attorney
  • Carl Crawford - Human Rights Officer
  • Ian Johnson - Duluth City Clerk
  • Ben VanTassel - Administrative Services Director

The main mission for the Task Force is to review the current Duluth City Code and make recommendations for updates.

One of the primary charges that is driving the review process is to "recommend updates that reflect modern practices". As part of the process, "[t]he following lenses for modernization and improvement will be used...":

  • Diversity , Equity, and Inclusion
  • Clarity
  • Efficient and Enforceable
  • Forward Looking
  • Viable Community - as part of the Imagine Duluth 2035 initiative

Once the review process is complete, the Task Force will send the recommendations along to the Duluth City Council.  If needed, the Council would then have the ultimate say so.

Here's where you can play a role.  The City of Duluth is asking for help from the general public, too.  All you need to do is click here to visit the anticipated review schedule, examen the documents, and provide feedback and comments.

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