Every year for Grandma's Marathon, there is a huge party in Canal Park under a big tent.  It's called "Rock The Big Top" but everyone always just asks if you are going to the tents when talking about it.  Grandma's does a good job of bringing in some great musicians that are local, regional, and national performers who play rock, pop, and country music.

In 2019, a band started in 1990 from Louisiana called Cowboy Mouth, rocked the tents in Canal Park.  You might remember their hit single, "Jenny Says".  They are a unique band in that their lead singer, Fred Leblanc, is also their drummer.  You might wonder how a drummer can be a front man, but see them once and you'll appreciate how much Fred puts into a performance.

With the global pandemic going on, concerts have been postponed or flat out cancelled.  This has created an opportunity for artists to use social media platforms to put on shows.  Cowboy Mouth has decided to use this time off from touring to do just that.  On Friday, June 5th, at 7:30PM Central Time, they will stream a concert live from Baltimore, Maryland.

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You can get ahead of the game and be all set to catch the show at start time by  subscribing to their YouTube Channel here.  If you can't go to the rock, let the rock come to you.  The upside to streaming concerts is you can pour yourself some strong cocktails and not have to pay $8.00 for a beer.

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