This Saturday, the 15th, is the annual Cruise for Cancer run that is a fundraiser for local families dealing with cancer. It is an all day long cruise all over the northland with many stops along the way and while more centered around cars cruising, they want to remind everyone that motorcycles are invited as well of course.  

Obviously a fundraiser for any cause for anyone anywhere is a great thing, but I really like the keeping the money local aspect of this event.  This year the Cruise will benefit 2 and a half year old Misha who is dealing with Acute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia and lives in Duluth with her family.

Even if you can't make it on the Cruise this Saturday, you can still purchase tickets or donate to help out the cause.  You can call 218-940-2051 or 218-348-2724 for more info and remember that all makes and models welcome!   More information and to pre-order tickets can be found here.

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