While Van Halen fans buckle in for what could be another long wait between projects, singer David Lee Roth is keeping himself busy with outside activity.

That's the word from the Van Halen News Desk, which reports that Roth sent over a new photo along with the exclusive announcement of a new website, DavidLeeRoth.net, that's set to make its debut Feb. 7. The same day, Roth will reportedly also premiere a new episode of The Roth Show, the video webcast he started hosting in 2012.

Once a hyperactive online presence, Roth shuttered his website and social media accounts and pulled all episodes of The Roth Show last January, right around the time Van Halen announced plans to release their Tokyo Dome live LP. The band followed that announcement by booking a 2015 tour, but there's been no word of new activity since they played the final date.

Roth, meanwhile, has at least given the appearance of having an interest in resuming some sort of solo activity. The band he assembled for his Eat 'Em and Smile album had plans to reunite for a one-off gig last fall, and Roth himself ultimately showed up — but the show had to be canceled by the fire marshal due to overcrowding. The group is reportedly trying to put together a show in a larger venue, or potentially even a tour.

This has all led to a round of (swiftly debunked) rumors suggesting that ex-Van Halen members Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony have rejoined the lineup, but whatever's actually going on behind the scenes, Roth seems to be having his usual good time. As the VHND also pointed out, Roth made an appearance at a Professional Bull Riders event in Anaheim on Jan. 30, posing for photos with rider Tanner Byrne.

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