Ronnie James Dio died on May 16th, 2010 and it was a major downer for the rock and metal community.  After waiting a couple years from it's debut, the Dio Hologram Tour is making a stop at The Myth in Maplewood, Minnesota on June 15th, 2019 and I purchased my tickets the day they went on sale a few months back.

Since the US tour has started, the reviews have been mixed.  Either critics really like it, or they really hate it.  Personally I don't really like critics and a large number of Dio fans online have sung praises of the hour and a half long show.  The video I have see of it thus far has not been professionally shot, but it looks to me like a pretty impressive setup.  You get Dio's Disciples rocking out which includes Tim "Ripper" Owens stepping in at times to sing a couple of songs.  The other vocals were of live shows from when Ronnie was alive.

Regardless of if the hologram itself isn't that great, Ace Rawkola brought up a good point a few weeks back.  He said: "regardless, it will be almost two hours of rocking music".  So I'm going in to it with that mindset.  The setlist covers Dio classics and also his work with Black Sabbath and Rainbow.  There are still some tickets available and you can get them here.

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