Many of us have been there before, you go to purchase a new to you vehicle or maybe have a work vehicle issued to you that someone has previously smoked in.  For non-smokers, the smell can be quite annoying especially if you have to run the heater.

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The worst in my opinion is when someone smoked in a vehicle and then tries to cover it up with air fresheners, that's almost worse to me.

Recently for another gig I work, I was issued a company truck which is absolutely great.  Not so great was the fact that I can tell it was heavily smoked in at one point and they tried to mask it with air fresheners.

I didn't feel like spending the money and time to rent a carpet shampoo unit to help with the smell, so I looked online for other options.  One I found that was decently rated was a product from Armor All.  In my opinion some of their products work great, and others are just okay.

For the price of just about six bucks a can, I decided to order their Smoke X Rapid Odor Eliminator.  Available in two scents, 'Citrus Breeze' and 'Midnight Air', I opted for the dark and mysterious variety.

Armor All Smoke X Odor Eliminator Up Close- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Armor All Smoke X Odor Eliminator Up Close- Photo Credit: Joe Danger


I removed everything I could from the interior of the truck and followed the directions on the can.  It states to run the AC on high with it set to recirculate for 15 minutes with the doors closed and then activate the can.  The can sprayed for a couple of minutes, and I could see it working its way all around the cab of the truck and in and out of the vents.  After the allotted time, you're supposed to open the doors for 5-10 minutes and that's it.

Initially, the scent of the Armor All was overpowering, which is to be expected but after it dissipated, while still there, it was very tolerable.  It also had at least masked any smoke odor.  The product claims it eliminates it, but time will tell.  So far, I'm impressed with the initial results and did buy a backup can in case I need to hit it one more time.  It's certainly a less expensive option compared to having the interior professionally cleaned which I've had done before and wasn't impressed.

I'd say give this product a shot if you're dealing with stubborn vehicle odors, for the price, you don't have much to lose.

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