I recently purchased a new truck, and shortly after started looking at getting it ceramic coated.

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My reasoning behind it was from the factory, the paint seemed like it was a magnet for dust.  I know part of it was the color I selected, but still, it seemed worse than any other vehicle I've had.

With a plan to keep this truck for a while, I wanted it to be a little more resistant to dust and dirt clinging to it, and also protect it a bit better from bugs and light scratches.  I looked at options as far as doing the coating myself, but time is money and ultimately, I ended up having someone local to the Twin Ports apply a 3-year coating to it.

Ceramic coating isn't something that makes your paint bulletproof, or even totally scratch proof, it's more like an added layer of paint protection.  You can think of it like a heavier duty wax that bonds to the paint and hangs on a lot longer than traditional waxes.

With that coating though, you still need to be mindful of taking your vehicle to washes with brushes, as that will make it wear faster.  Also, even though I got a 3-year coating, I still was advised to come in each year for a less expensive touch-up and maintenance once over to help keep it fresh.

So far, I've been incredibly impressed.  The ceramic coating has done a great job keeping everyday dust and dirt off of the truck.  When I do get the truck washed or even when it rains, the water repels like crazy compared to any wax jobs I've done before.

For now, I'd say it was worth it, and would suggest looking into it on newer or even older vehicles.  A good ceramic coating company will first do paint correction on swirls and other paint issues before applying and can even make paint on older vehicles look new again.

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