Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it looks like there is a new study out to see what is each state's favorite side dish. This year's Minnesota answer may surprise you.

Last year Minnesota and Wisconsin had the same favorite side dish. However, while Wisconsin residents stayed close to home with their pick, Minnesota is switching things up this year and I cannot agree with the choice more! Zippia has done it again and whipped the answers by using Google Trends.

So which Thanksgiving side dish gets crowned the champion in 2021 for Minnesota? Charcuterie board for the win! I will say I love charcuterie boards and make them all the time at home. However, I never thought to have one as a Thanksgiving side dish and I will definitely be adding it to the menu this year.

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Last year the top side dish for Wisconsin was Mashed potatoes, this year they went baked potato. Our surrounding states also switched it up: The Dakota's went from mashed potatoes and crescent rolls to fruit salad and baked sweet potatoes. Then Iowa decided to keep veggies, but a little color switch from corn to green beans.

Overall throughout the states, the favorite side dish was mashed potatoes with nine states making it the the turkey day fave. Rolls came in second place with four states saying it was the best. My biggest surprise besides Missouri also choosing the same thing as Minnesota was Louisiana going with something I've never heard of, cornbread dressing. How ever which way you slice it this Thanksgiving, I am now hungry just thinking of these delicious side dishes.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I've definitely heard a few of these at my family's festive gatherings.



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