My wife is a United States Air Force Veteran and as a thanks for her service, many restaurants offer some kind of a discount.

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Now, we don't go out searching for places that provide discounts because she served, but it's nice when we encounter restaurants that do.  The 'Thank you for your service' gesture is always appreciated.

The Twin Ports only has a handful of places we like to go for chicken wings, and the other night when neither of us felt like cooking, we went to one of them for dinner.

This restaurant normally offers a military discount and I believe it's ten percent.  We usually end up there on a Tuesday because of their bone-in wing prices drop to half, and that's a pretty great deal.

The night we went last week was Monday, and the server came back with our receipt having applied a military discount of much more than ten percent.  She said, "it's Monday, so it's twenty-five percent off".

We were of course grateful, but also a little shocked.  Unless it's Veterans Day, places rarely offer that much of a discount for military service.  This discount was at the Duluth Buffalo Wild Wings location.

I didn't ask if this was a permanent thing they do, something they always have, or if other locations do it, so I'm no help there.  I even consulted with Uncle Google and didn't see that large of a discount listed.  Keep the Duluth location in mind if you are active or retired military, a Monday night stop could save you some extra coin.

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