A few months back I got a package delivered to me at my other place of employment.  It was from Amazon and upon opening it found a little doggy stuffed animal for a child.  I didn't order it, when I contacted Amazon there was no record of it, and I didn't get charged for it.

Just a couple of days ago something similar happened, except it was delivered to my home.  It even had my full formal name on it, like they would use at the doctor's office.  The company sending it was called Express Scripts.  I feel like I have heard their name before but I have never ordered anything from them.  Included in the package was a product called Deterra.  It's a drug deactivation system to dispose of unused prescriptions.  Inside was also a card talking about prescription drug addiction and warnings of overdose.

Medication Warning Card- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Medication Warning Card- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I had recently been in the hospital for a kidney stone and they prescribed Oxycodone, so I thought maybe they sent this in case there was left overs.  There are, but I might be saving those for a rainy day.  I called Express Scripts, they have no record of me, no record of any order, and I checked my bank account and I wasn't billed.  The guy on the phone suggested I give it as a gift to a friend.

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Part of me wonders if it's someone playing a prank, but if that was the case, I'd expect they would send adult toys for butt stuff.  Maybe someone thinks I have a problem with prescription pills.  Have you ever received items in the mail that you didn't order?

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