I've struggled with weight for most of my life and because of having type 2 diabetes, I decided to make some big changes.  The diabetes has always been controlled by pills but I started to reach the line of them saying I would need insulin.

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Like many who have dealt with weight, I've gone in bouts of being heavier and lighter.  Trying different diets and going on and off regular exercising.  The last time I lost a significant amount of weight was calories counting but I wanted to see what cutting out the carbs would do.

I'll say to start that it sucks, or at least in the beginning.  If you're a bread and pasta person like me, not having those things makes every day a struggle.  It has become easier and I don't crave those as much, but I still want it when I see it.  The other struggle is that for my other gig, I work out of town a lot, and limited low carb options make gas station lunches somewhat difficult.  Despite enjoying cheese sticks and beef jerky, it gets old.  I'm looking at it as more of a lifestyle change, and I have incorporated cheat days or weekends around the holidays.  That actually helps because it makes me want to get back on track after because I feel like crap.

The upside is, I've lost nearly fifty pounds in six or so months, with hardly any gym time.  Plus several inches that I haven't bothered to measure.  I also feel better, though there were bouts when I started where my energy levels were low.  So yes, at least for me, being low carb has worked.  My diabetes numbers are much lower and in control too, so that's another benefit.  Everyone is different of course and you should check with your doctor on a good plan for you.

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