The Vietnam War officially ended 42 years ago, on April 30th, 1975. But for too many, it didn't end there. A war of that magnitude had devastating, long-lasting effects. We've all heard of the mental effects that the Vietnam War had on our Veterans, but what many don't hear about is the effects that the toxic chemicals are still having on our Soldiers who continue to fight. Many people have been divided over this war for many years. One thing that there is no denying is that there has been massive loss of life on both sides. There has been over an estimated 1.3 million lives lost, so far.

The effects of the chemical widely known as "Agent Orange", among many others, is a major contributor of many Veterans' premature deaths from diseases such as leukemia, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, diabetes, heart disease, skin disorders, and a number of cancers.

There is currently, a monument in Rochester, New York, that that represents a solider walking into a wall face first, as if walking into eternity to meet his fellow Soldiers in arms who have lost their lives in battle. The design was created by artist Wayne Williams.

Local Veteran John Marshall is working to erect a replica of the same monument in the new Veterans Cemetery in Pike Lake, just north of Duluth. They already have the approval of the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, now they just need the donations to make this a reality. Click the link below to find out how you can get involved and attend this fundraiser.

This event will be held at the American Legion Post 71, 5814 Grand Ave. on Saturday April 29th. There will be a dinner, a silent auction, and a keynote speaker. If you have a business or any individual that would like to get involved and donate $5000.00 or more, you will have your name inscribed on a plaque or a segment of the wall as a major contributor.

They are also looking for additional silent auction items. All donations are tax deductible. If you would like to contribute, please contact John Marshall at:

I'd like to share the quote that John shared in his letter to us;

"The True Solider Fights Not Because he Hates What is in Front of Him, but Because he Loves What is Behind Him."


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