While everyone wants to get out and have fun this holiday weekend, it's important to do it safely.  The Minnesota DNR reminds everyone that boating while intoxicated is not only dangerous to you and those around you, but it's against the law and law enforcement will out in great force this weekend looking for intoxicated boaters.

'Operation Dry Water', a national campaign aimed at deterring drinking and boating, will be in full force beginning Friday, June 30.  That means the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, county sheriff’s offices, and other public safety agencies statewide will step up patrols for intoxicated boaters.

This is an important campaign because, according to the DNR, alcohol was a factor in nine of 17 deadly boating accidents in Minnesota last year alone.

Keep this in mind if you're having drinks this weekend and start to think that taking a boat out on the water sounds like a good idea.

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