Space is a mysterious place and has countless wonders we have yet to discover.  One of the things in space we know at least a little about is the moon.

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Throughout most of each year, the moon will be there in what I would say is it's normal to us color, a kind of brown tinged grey, or somewhere in those tones.  It's interesting though how many different colors can appear.  This depends on several factors which includes what is going on in our atmosphere.  There are dozens of colors that have been documented by astrophotographers throughout the years.  The most common ones that people see or specifically wait for is a blue moon, red moon, yellow moon, and even pink.

The pink one was new to me.  With doing a little research for this piece, purple has even been seen before.  Usually I hear about these events after the fact, so since I'm going to try to view the pink moon, I thought I'd share.

On Monday, April 26th the full moon of the month will reach it's peak at 10:32PM, with it setting in the Duluth area at 6:23AM the next morning.  At the time of writing this, it looks like the weather is supposed to be rainy and cloudy on Monday night, but we know how weather here can change.  Hopefully things open up briefly so that pink moon can been seen.  You can check out some of the various moon colors seen HERE.

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