With another New Year almost upon us many are already talking about resolutions and some people I know are already getting a head-start on them.

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While not a resolution, one thing you might want to consider before the calendar turns to 2023, is taking a look at your taxes.  Yes, I'm bringing them up now, because I'm looking out for you.

If you're not the person who gets a healthy or any refund every year, taking a look at your taxes or having someone else doing it prior to the end of this year might just prove beneficial to you.

Companies like TurboTax will of course claim you are getting the most deductions when you file your taxes, but that doesn't always mean you're receiving what you should.  One write-off many people tend to forget is when they make donations.  If you haven't donated any clothes taking up closet space or thrown some coin to your favorite charity in 2022, you might want to do it before that calendar flip.

Also, with how work has changed over the last couple of years because of the pandemic, any working you did at home might provide you with additional write-off options too.  Maybe your home office needs supplies, or you need a new computer, some of those may be potential write-offs.

While you can look for guidance online, consulting with a tax accountant is generally your best way to help insure you're getting all of the deductions you possibly can.  The federal government takes enough of our money, so take a little time in between the holiday chaos over the next week or so and double check those taxes.

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