To ring in the 2024 New Year, I didn't have any plans until my wife, thanks to her cousin, decided we were going out.

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I shouldn't say I didn't have plans; I assumed our lack of plans meant we would just stay home, cook dinner, maybe have cocktails, and maybe but probably not be awake until midnight.

I liked my idea because it involved not spending money.  We ended up going out with a couple other couples and found our way into the Gatsby Themed New Year Celebration at the DECC in Duluth.

For about $90 per person, we got the tickets that included dinner instead of just the later evening celebrating which cost a bit less.  One thing I appreciate about any event is them helping out a charity, especially a local one, and they did just that by means of a silent auction to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities - Upper Midwest.

The evening included not only dinner, but also games in the form of Blackjack and Roulette which every attendee was given a $500 chip to "gamble" with.  At the end of the free gambling, for every $100 you had in chips, you could get a ticket for prize drawings.  This added a lot of fun to the night and made the night fly by.

DECC New Year Gatsby Speakeasy Band- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
DECC New Year Gatsby Speakeasy Band- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

There was also a DJ, dancing instruction, appetizer type snacks, a speakeasy you need a password for, and even themed drinks.  I myself had way too many of the oh so good Sidecar cocktails they were slinging, and highly recommend trying if you haven't heard of one.

Overall, it was a nice evening considering I didn't really want to go out.  I forget sometimes how fun it is to get dressed up and rock in the New Year with people you care about.

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