There's been talk about the City of Superior investing $750,000 in surveillance cameras throughout public areas in the city. Duluth has had a surveillance camera system in place for the better part of the decade, and they have seen some positive results. It's hard to say if it will deter crime, but the consensus of police authorities agree that it definitely helps to solve crime.

There has been an ongoing problem in parks in Superior with vandalism, bullying, and other sometimes violent crime. Earlier this summer Wade Bowl park was vandalized with graffiti many times before the the vandal was caught. Not to mention there has been an ongoing problem with delinquents tearing up the turf at the park. The same has happened at other parks across the city. According to the Duluth News Tribune, authorities believe they would have been able to crack to unsolved homicides in the last 10 years with help of video surveillance.

These cameras would be installed at public places and intersections. There really isn't a concern of big brother watching you at your home or an invasion of privacy. That's my opinion. I think it's a great idea in a time where it seems that more crime is happening. What's the safety of our city worth? Let's find a way to pay for it, and let's use technology to help keep us safe.

What do you think?



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