Former Superior police sergeant 42-year-old Gregory Swanson, of Solon Springs now is facing a total of 12 criminal charges, 8 of which are felonies. On the morning of July 15 the car that Swanson was driving struck a disabled vehicle in the right-hand lane of East Second Street in Superior. A 23-year-old man was in the back of the vehicle attempting to push it off the road, he was pronounced dead on the scene. Four days later the couple's 2-month-old son died from blunt force injuries caused by the crash.

A blood test showed that Swanson had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.190 at the time of the crash, more than twice the legal limit. Two other people were also in the vehicle, the children's mother and another child were treated at Essentia Hospital.

After striking the vehicle Swanson drove to a Holiday gas station where a witness told a Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Deputy that they saw Swanson get out of his vehicle and throw a six-pack of an alcoholic beverage in the garbage can.

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A man and his daughter were driving south on East Second street when they saw the disabled vehicle and saw a man laying in the street. They called 911 and stopped to help as they saw a dark-colored van with front-end damage leaving the scene and heading towards the Holiday station. According to Chief Nicholas Alexander. Swanson is no longer employed by the Superior Police Department. He gave in his resignation on August 4.

Superior Telegram: (Paywall) reported according to an amended complaint filed Monday, Aug. 22: "Swanson faces two counts each of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle, homicide by use of a vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration, and hit-and-run resulting in death. Each of the six counts is a class D felony punishable by up to 25 years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. He also faces two counts each of causing injury by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle and causing injury by use of a motor vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration, all misdemeanors; and two felony counts of hit-and-run resulting in injury."

Swanson did appear in court in person along with his attorney. His next court appearance was set for Sept. 19.

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