Notorious around the country as being a 'cool' city, Duluth was selected by Frito-Lay as the place to bring their 'HeatWave' Doritos products to launch at a special event on Wednesday. The company decided to select the Zenith City as the place to showcase their new line of Doritos because Duluth "recorded one of the coldest Memorial Day temperatures at 55 degrees", according to a press release from Frito-Lay. Bringing their new Heatwave was a way to "help to bring a little heat to those who need it most."

The event featured two Doritos-branded helicopters, a pair of skydivers, and a crate of the new Doritos Heatwave chips for a crowd of a few hundred hungry Twin Ports residents looking to be among the first in the country to try out the new chips. The delivery of the 'HeatWave' was well-timed, as Duluth saw its first sunny day above 60 degrees since Memorial Day.

The new HeatWave chips come in two varieties -  BBQ and Chipotle Cream. We were able to get our hands on a bag of the BBQ Heat Doritos to do a little review, which you can see here.

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