The Duluth Police Department posted on their Facebook page that they're looking for help identifying a person of interest captured on a security camera at a Duluth Subway Restaurant.

According to local authorities, they would like to speak with the person in the photo in relation to a hit and run that happened in the parking lot at the Kenwood Subway on July 5, 2018.

If you recognize this person of interest, Duluth Police would like you to send them a message through their Facebook page. You correspondence will remain confidential.  If you don't recognize them, sharing the post with your Facebook friends would be greatly appreciated.

It's important to note that this person may not be guilty of any crime, they simply may have crucial information about the aforementioned hit and run incident.  It's easy to assume guilt in these situations, but Duluth Police caution against doing so.

Duluth Police Department
Duluth Police Department


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