When it comes to something you own, even if it wasn't that expensive, you probably don't want it stolen.  This is especially true if the item is in a value range that you most likely wouldn't spend money on insuring it.

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Even with locks and other theft deterrent options, bicycles seem to get stolen quite often.  It's not always just the high value ones either.  Every few weeks I see on social media that even inexpensive kid's bikes have been getting swiped.

While the argument from some is probably "well, they should have put it away", sometimes people just forget.  Or, they assume they live in a neighborhood where things like that don't happen.  Even if not left out, sometimes garages or sheds get broken into as well leading to theft of property.

It's certainly not a guarantee that you'll get a stolen bike back, but there is an option to register it with the Duluth Police Department.  The registration can be done online and it doesn't look like there is any charge to do so.

You'll need the serial number, make, model, your name, address, and phone number.  In addition, it's helpful to share pictures of the bike with the owner on it, the serial number, and a receipt for purchase if you have that available.

Again, registering your two wheel ride won't guarantee you get it back if stolen, but if the police do find it, there is a good chance it will make it's way back to you.

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