I'm a big fan of Duluth Trading Company. Their clothes fit me well, they have extended sizes, a huge variety, and tough clothing. I'm hard on clothes, but these clothes really do last. My favorite pants from Duluth Trading Company have been carpenter fire hose flex pants. It was with hesitation that I decided to try some dry on the fly pants. I mean, I already had my go to product, why bother?

I'm glad I did. I got the 'Dry On The Fly Fex Pants' on sale for like 30% off. They were still 50 some dollars, but I'll tell you it's worth every penny. They do dry fast when you get them wet. The material is lightweight and extremely comfortable. The little bit of flex makes it just hug your waist without feeling restrictive or baggy. It's just comfort, period.

We haven't had many warmer days but I did some work out at the cabin with them on this last Sunday when it reached 75 degrees out. I was suprised how cool they were. And the best part? I didn't have any bug bites on my legs from wearing shorts.

So if you've been on the fence, buy yourself a pair. I'm going back for another couple.


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