Little things like this can really make a difference. Yesterday on the way home from an Easter Dinner with family, we spotted something rather out of the ordinary. An Easter bunny, yellow duck, teddy bear, and unicorn were hanging out at Center City Park in Superior on the corner of Belknap and Tower avenue. They were jumping up and down and waving at cars.

At first, I thought maybe something was in that Easter Ham and I was hallucinating, but nope, they really were there. I told my wife to get her phone out and snap a photo quick, which she was able to do just as we passed them.

Shawna Hayes
Shawna Hayes


Then this morning I saw another friend on Facebook share a photo of them where they were down the street a bit further by the McDonald's on 21st Street and Tower. Did anyone else spot them anywhere?

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My kids got a kick out of it, as we did too. We honked and waved back and it cheered us all up. Not that we were in a bad mood (however we did just come from 76 degrees in Sandstone to 48 degrees in Superior by the lake..booo), but it was a nice surprise to see them.

I don't know who was behind this, but Thank You. Something silly and fun like this is what we all need after a year like no other. Anytime you can spread some cheer and happiness, you should be awarded with some good karma. I hope good things happen for you. Happy Easter. Oh, and I can check finding a unicorn off my bucket list.

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