Full disclosure, I've never had to stand in line to meet Santa of the Easter Bunny since I don't have kids and grew up not celebrating holidays.  I have seen the long lines at each of these at the malls over the years and my first thought was always "no thanks".  After saying that, I'm sure uncle Joe will have to be part of those activities at some point.

This year you can avoid the line at Simon malls, which includes the Duluth location.  They have what's called the Bunny's FastPass.  You basically reserve your spot online, show up and get your photo at that time.

The Bunny Photo Experience is at the Barnes & Noble Court and the Simon Miller Hill Mall is known for their family-friendly events, including kids meeting the Easter Bunny.  You can get more information about times to meet the Easter Bunny, and also scheduling your photo time should you want to skip the line by checking out their website here.  The Easter Bunny will be at the Miller Hill Mall from April 5th-April 20th at various times.


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