The game is done and the Lombardi Trophy is back in Green Bay, so that must mean one thing, let the law suits begin!

Some ticket holders for Super Bowl XLV found out that they didn't have any seats for the big game, even some Cowboy season ticket holders are joining the lawsuit after they spent the game in temporary seating, some of these season ticket holders paid up to$100,ooo for a "Personal Seat Lease", a what?!

Well, somehow it seems appropriate that Americas favorite sporting event is followed by America other favorite pastime, suing each other.

Fans whose Super Bowl plans were altered by seating problems at Super Bowl XLV have filed a lawsuit against the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones. The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, fraud and deceptive sales practices.

The Dallas News reports that the plantiffs are seeking $5 million from the NFL. Up to 1,000 fans may join the suit.

Some of the complaints are legitimate (the 400 fans who didn't end up having a seat to the game, for instance) while others come off as a bit forced (some season-ticket holders weren't aware they'd be in temporary seats).

"Unfortunately, not all of the ticket-holders to Super Bowl XLV got what they bargained for or what was promised to them," the lawsuit states.

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