I recently purchased a new motorcycle and of course just had to purchase more riding gear to go along with it.  Aside from just the Harley shop, one place in the past I had ordered from was Leatherup.com.

In particular, I wanted a new riding vest.  I found one on Leatherup, ordered it, waited for about a week and a half and then it arrived two sizes smaller than I had selected.  It took almost two weeks to get a reply, with me trying to contact them with online chat, email, and phone.  They took it back and charged me $10.00 to return it even though they sent the wrong size and the product was not as described.  In short, I am done with them at least until the COVID crap goes away.  It's not the kind of service they used to provide.

First MFG Co Sharp Shooter Vest- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Facebook doing what it does well, was showing me products from a company I had never heard of, though they have been around since 1987.  It's called First MFG Co.  I measured myself per their chart, ordered a reasonably priced vest, and it arrived quickly.

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For being around a $150.00, the vest is their Sharp Shooter.  It's decently thick leather, has a solid zipper, and buttons too.  I don't generally have a lot of patches on my vests but for someone who does, it has a nice zip-out liner, so you don't have to stitch through it.  It also has a nice option inside for holding a pistol in place, should you like to carry while riding.  They also offer custom vests and plenty of leather options for guys and gals.  It's worth taking a look the next time you are in the market for riding gear.  Check them out HERE.


First MFG Co Leather Vest Zipper and Carry Pocket- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
First MFG Co Leather Vest Zip-Out Liner- Photo Credit: Joe Danger