I used to be more hardcore with how late in the year I would ride and how early.  The older I get I won't say I'm getting more fair weather rider, I'd like to think it's more patient.  I don't much like slipping around on winter road sand and even though I don't keep my bikes museum clean, I still don't want salt on them.

Last Tuesday, which would be March 26th, a lady wanted a motorcycle ride so I charged the battery and got the Street Bob fired up.  Kind of dumb because my car at least has a heater, should have driven that instead.  Anyway, we saddled up at about 3PM in Superior, in enough layers that it probably looked liked two dudes on the bike, not that there is anything wrong with that.  We were just going to stay in Superior, but she needed new riding glasses so we went up over the bridge to hit up the Harley shop.

For 47 degrees out, it wasn't that bad actually.  The ears got a little chilled despite being wrapped in layers.  The road sand was definitely there but not too bad on the main drags and in the corners.  The bike ran good too for being stored for 5 months, though the engine was probably screaming "dude, lose some of that winter weight".

I didn't set any records for being out early as plenty of people have been out, and despite the chill, it sure was nice to be on the stress reliever again, something to knock out those winter blues.  Have you been out on your bike yet?

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