Free candy leading up to Halloween day is one of the great things about the holiday, free anything is good, right?  How about free candy and a free t-shirt just because you wore your Halloween costume somewhere?  This year you can get both of those things at Flagship Apparel in Canal Park.

They are indeed in the Halloween spirit.  I don't know many other places other than ones having costume contests with very much that is free.  While no purchase is necessary with this giveaway it is first come first serve and limited to 50 t-shirts, it also starts tomorrow the 27th and runs until Halloween day, the 31st, or while supplies last.  So if you want your free candy and tee you had better make it there tomorrow or Sunday.  They also have youth sizes so if you want to bring the already dressed up for something else family during this would be the time to go.  You can get some more information on this and their store here. 

Flagship Apparel is located at 345 South Lake Avenue in Duluth's Canal Park.

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