Travis Haley, formerly known as Lexxi Foxx in Steel Panther, has commented on his recent departure from the band in a new interview. Haley says he hadn’t spoken with guitarist Satchel or drummer Stix Zadinia since leaving, adding “there’s still some sore spots.”

Anyone who has been in a band will tell you it’s essentially a marriage to multiple people, only there’s no sex and you’re trapped on a smelly bus together for months at a time. Haley lasted in Steel Panther for an incredible 21 years, taking the ride from Sunset Strip cover band to one of the most beloved original metal artists of the past decade. The bassist is now a member of Hollywood Gods N’ Monsters.

"We haven't talked. I still talk to the singer [Michael Starr] a little bit; I have in the past. But I think that those scars and I think that the departure, the way that it went down, I think there's some sore spots. But that's tough for me to talk about,” Haley told Rocking With Jam Man.

"That was something that I'm very proud of — to be that character for such a long period of time, and to play with those cats. They're all amazing musicians. And I just think that it is different to not have that [in my life] — I'd been in character for so long — but I have to say it's a little refreshing as well."

Rocking With Jam Man is with Hollywood Gods N' Monsters with Former Bass player of Steel Panther

"We didn't want him to quit,” Satchel revealed on the 2020’d podcast. “Nobody wanted him to quit, including a lot of fans. I'm sure a lot of fans are very sad that he left. But he's the guy who left the band. I think he's got his own things he's dealing with, and he just wanted to go and do that. So, I don't know… I can't answer for Lexxi Foxx. But we will all miss Lexxi Foxx, and we all wish him the best in everything that he does. But we didn't fire him; he quit the band.” [via Blabbermouth]

Steel Panther have been rotating touring bassists as the band searches and accepts auditions for a permanent bassist.

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