One staple of many holiday events seems to be alcohol.  This time of year, there are always holiday parties at work, at a friend or family member's home, or even at our own home.

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Personally, I enjoy having a few cocktails when socializing but the issue becomes how to get home when I've had too many.  I'm fortunate that my wife and I usually take turns with who is having more than a few when going out and who is driving.  Many don't make good choices like that though.

It's not every, but usually every few years I end up finding out someone I know got a DWI and not only can it cost a lot of money or even your job, but it's also especially unsafe for other drivers on the road or even passengers in your vehicle.

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, and as part of it you'll see many states stepping up DWI enforcement.  As mentioned above, driving while impaired can be a life changing or life ended act.  But, it's not just alcohol we're talking about.

With many states now allowing recreational use of products containing TCH, impairment from use of that is something to be mindful of.  I've heard people say, "I'm safer driving while high than drinking" and while you might think that you're still not in a clear mindset while operating a motor vehicle under the influence and your reaction time might be hindered.

So, when you're out having a great time celebrating this season, make sure you make good choices.  Plan for a ride, a sober driver, or make sure you're going to a place you can sleep at if you happen to have too much.  It could be your life or the life of someone else you take driving while impaired.

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