Home buying can be a stressful ordeal.  First time buying is crazy enough, and daunting, but even if you're buying a house for the third or fourth times, a lot goes into it.  In my opinion, there has to be an easier way to purchase a home.  Too many entities seem to need a piece of the pie, which makes it all the more complicated.

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In this day and age, there is lots of help online, and Uncle Google can get you pointed in the right direction with most questions.  Sometimes though, it's nice to get the help from an actual person and not just text on a screen.

When purchasing a home lots of factors come into play, and many terms are thrown around.  Not being fully versed in real estate terminology can leave you scratching your head and at to the overwhelming process.  There is a somewhat in person way to learn more about home buying, by means of a free seminar to be hosted on Facebook.

On Thursday, March 18th from 4:30PM-5:30PM, the seminar will go through things like purchase agreements, and various loan types available.  Also discussed will be closing costs, contingencies, and earnest money.  Even if you have purchased a home before, it probably won't hurt to get a little refreshed on things if you are thinking of buying sometime soon.  Kevin Kalligher with Re/Max just needs a quick email to know to put you on the list for the seminar.  You can get more information on this helpful event HERE.

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