Many in the rock and metal community have their Lemmy stories, but is it possible there was more than one Lemmy traversing the planet? Exodus and former Slayer guitarist Gary Holt thinks so.

Holt, who is one of many musicians taking part in the new Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead tribute album, recently shot some promotional videos with other participants for the compilation with Banger Films, and that's where he laid out his theory (as seen below).

"I'm convinced, and have been for decades, that there's more than one Lemmy, or at least there was," says Holt.

He then elaborated, "We used to, back in the day, squander more money on tours. When we did a European tour, we insisted that we had to spend a week in London first — to acclimate to the time change. Basically, it was us partying like fucking animals for five to seven days. This was when Lemmy still lived in England and London. And we'd go out to a bar and there's Lemmy."

He continued, "We'd go up and hang out [with] him, do some drugs or whatever and have some drinks. [We'd tell him] 'We're gonna go to this other place.' 'All right. See you guys later.' And we'd get there and he's already sitting at the bar; I mean, he's been there for an hour. And then we went to another place and he's there ahead of us, and we left him sitting at the bar. And ever since then we're convinced that there's at least three different Lemmys, 'cause he couldn't possibly have done it. But, you know, Lemmy is God, so…"

Back in June, a video was released for the star-studded cover of "Ace of Spades" from the new set. Holt was joined on the track by Pantera's Philip Anselmo, Stoner's Nick Oliveri, Beasto Blanco and Alice Cooper's Chuck Garric, Intronaut's Sacha Dunable, Mothership's Kelley and Kyle Juett, Howling Giant's Tom Polzine and Zach Wheeler and Integrity's Dwid Hellion, with many of the musicians taking part in the project after last year's Psycho Las Vegas festival.

The Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead set is currently available at this location.

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