For the month of July, Glensheen Mansion will be featuring their exhibit called "Gowns of Glensheen".

Different outfits will be displayed throughout the mansion in it's various rooms.  Everything from fancy party dresses, to fur coats, and first class gowns from back in the day.  This exhibit is in addition to the normal tour but the price doesn't change, so it's more bang for your buck and you get a chance to see more than usual while walking through the 39 rooms in the estate.

Throughout the tour you'll be able to not only see but read about and hear about the stories behind the outfits.  Most of what you will see have never been shown to the public before, so if you're due for a Glensheen trip, July is a good month to go.  There are even photos of the Congdon family in some of the featured attire.

Gowns of Glensheen will also provide deatils on how silk is made and learn more about garments of the time.  Glensheen is located at 3300 London Road in Duluth, MN and you can get more information about this special exhibit, tour times, pricing, and more here.


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