Glensheen Mansion in Duluth is one of my favorite tourist attractions in the area.  It's full of history and almost every time that I go I learn something new or see something that I hadn't noticed before.  Glensheen does a great job throughout the year offering special displays and sometimes pulling out rarely seen items from their collections.  That's why I always make a point to go a couple of times a year to see what is featured.

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Probably their most anticipated time of the year for most people is Christmas time.  The mansion is always expertly decorated with lighting in and out, and has a massive amount of decorated trees to appreciate.  There is a lot of setup that goes into the Christmas displays though and that means they have to close the doors for a few days to get everything all set for the season.

For 2020, they were already closed from November 2nd-5th, and they will close again on November 9th-12th.  Glensheen will then be open and back to regular hours on Friday, November 13th.  If you haven't see their Christmas displays before, think about checking it out this season.  It's a great way to spend an evening or a special date night so you can get all of the holiday feels.

You can book your tours of Glensheen all decorated for Christmas and get more information about the various options and even see some great photos of the mansion HERE.


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