Most people from the Northland have grown accustomed to the cold in the winter time. It's something we have begrudgingly learned to put up with over the years. We have long johns and the traditional snow pants, but those are too hot and can be cumbersome. This Duluth transplant from Shanghai, Jeffrey Xu, had a new approach to the cold. He calls his invention, Pants on Pants. Once you see his design, you think, "wow, why didn't someone think of this sooner?"

Xu is an engineer for Cirrus Aircraft, so he put that education to use with the making of the prototype of these snowpants. He approached the idea like an engineer would, testing and retesting, and working out all the bugs until he had the pants exactly how he wanted them. He called the end result "Warmthology" but it seems the nickname "Pants on Pants" is proving to be more popular.

He has a kickstarter campaign up and running, and he has interest from people from as far away as Iceland and Norway. With the temps in Duluth expected to take another dip this weekend, this might be a good investment.

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