Managing our mental health can be a very important thing to consider when we are looking after our all-around health in general. Oftentimes though, getting in for a mental health therapy session can take a long time with wait lists.

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Thankfully for those in need of mental health therapy in the Northland, there are alternative options available through Wilderness Health.  Two great programs have been created: an Emergency Room Telepsychiatry Program at North Shore Health and an Ambulatory Therapy and Diagnostic Assessment Program.

The Ambulatory Therapy and Diagnostic Assessment Program, developed by Adaptive Telehealth connects individuals to available mental health providers so kids and adults can easily be supported.  It's a really nice service that allows patients to see what insurance providers will take, what they specialize in, and also lists times they are available for appointments.

The program helps patients get referred to diagnostic assessments and long-term or short-term therapy as needed.  The short-term therapy can be a great resource until appointments are available with a preferred long-term provider.  Basically, it can act to fill the gaps of needed therapy with the long wait times currently going on.

The program started with Lake View Medical Clinic and now partners with St. Luke's Pediatric AssociatesSt. Luke's P.S. Rudie Medical ClinicSt. Luke's Mount Royal Medical Clinic, and the list is growing.

We all know winters are hard on people, and that can include our mental health.  You can now skip the toughing it out with this great program available and get the help you or a loved one needs with options from Wilderness Health.

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