Greta Van Fleet have revealed their new song "Lover, Leaver" from the upcoming Anthem of the Peaceful Army album and you can hear it in the player above.

While the track is new and will be released on their upcoming album, the band has played it live frequently over the past year-plus and "Lover, Leaver" has generally received a positive response within their sets. The song is available via the platform of your choosing here.

Greta Van Fleet say that the new album is a conceptual one, and offer a description of "The Peaceful Army." They explain in a statement:

Music, a dialect that enables us to communicate with no cultural or linguistic boundaries, that enriches and binds a human community emotionally and spiritually. It is a tool of peace and a revolution of the soul where freedom and harmony preside.

The world is a place of beauty… full of color, full of luster, diversity and synergy, where we can freely agree to disagree without acrimony. There is no darkness without light, each sunrise brings a new day; we grow, we learn, and we love. Then it is our turn to share our tales of wisdom, of love and loss, light and darkness, life and death, before we ourselves move on from this life.

We are searchers of truth as were our greatest ancestors. We are drifters, we wander lands of snow and sand in an age-old quest for answers that lie beyond this material plane. And in our search, we can encounter alluring deceptions that we mistakenly embrace as truths…sorcery.

Today… a time where innocence still survives, wonder abounds and hope resides.  Before us, an assembly of love, peace, and unity, a journey for wisdom, a renaissance. We are on the precipice of adventure… a fresh chapter… a new age…

This is a call to arms… let us sing the Anthems of the Peaceful Army.

The Anthem of the Peaceful Army album is due Oct. 19 and pre-orders for are underway here. The record was produced by Marlon Young, Al Sutton and Herschel Boone; collectively known as The Rust Brothers. The group recently released another new song titled "Watching Over" that you can check out here.

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