My wonderful cook of a wife left town with the kiddo for a 4-day stint covering this weekend and that left me to fend for myself foodwise the whole time.

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Their trip away actually worked out well because I got roped into teaching classes online for three of the days and not having people in the background always makes it easier.  In preparation for the weekend, I went to Walmart for groceries knowing with the thought that I would save money by not ordering in.

Now, on my trip to the store, I grabbed items that would be easy to prepare with minimal prep because I knew I would be busy.  I also hate dirty dishes, because that's more effort to clean them.  If you think that makes me lazy, you would be correct.  I am lazy in a lot of ways, but in my defense, I did spend the weekend in full on work mode.

I left Walmart with five bags not full of groceries, because the bag quality and thickness has been reduced.  I realistically could have filled three bags and maybe a partial fourth with what I purchased.  My total was just under $100.  My purchases included lunch meat from the deli, cheese, frozen pizzas, some potato salad, a 6-pack of Bubbl'r, a bag of chips, and a couple of other things to munch on.  That price was shocking to me.

Compared to either driving for Subway, or to any other fast food type place, it was probably a wash in price I suppose.  I'm notorious for getting takeout because of the laziness mentioned above, and I should have this weekend.  I feel like I would have gotten more.

My wife had been telling me how much groceries had gone up (she does the shopping for that) but I didn't think prices were that crazy.  Looking at it the other way, I did cave on a Subway sammich tonight and that alone was $13.  Apparently, the days of the five-dollar footlong are long gone.  Never mind the gas prices, can someone take a look at the price of food and fix that?

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