I grew up not celebrating Halloween due to the religion I was a part of, and I do my best to make up for lost time as an adult.  I still don't go all out every year, but for sure get dressed up for at least one party each October and go out with the kiddo as she does her trick or treating.

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While Halloween can be a lot of fun for kids and adults, certain aspects of celebrating it need to be done safely.  You're probably wondering why a guy named Joe Danger is preaching safety.  That's because I've made a lot of poor and unsafe choices over the years which led to the name.  It's one of those do as I say not as I did type things.  Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as October is Halloween Safety Month and this early in, the fun is just beginning.

Wear flame resistant Halloween costumes

Man hand holding burning lighter

People have been severely burned and even killed from Halloween costumes that went up in flames.  Make good choices on your costume or your kid's, check for tags that say, 'flame resistant'.  If your costume does have some add-on components that are more likely to go up in flames, be extra cautious especially when at a partying with cocktails involved especially around smoking.  It doesn't take much for cheap and lightweight materials catch fire, and generally those things are quick burning.

Wear bright Halloween costumes

Hongqi Zhang

Maybe not so much for the adults, but if the kids are trick or treating, do your best to make them as visible as possible.  People can't drive as it is, and when it's dark out, it can be incredibly hard to see the little ghouls and goblins running around neighborhoods.  Even if the whole costume isn't bright or reflective, maybe add a reflective strip or two to the kiddo's costume for a little extra visibility.

Test Halloween makeup


One year in Vegas I went as Captain Spaulding for Halloween, and that involved a lot of white face makeup.  It didn't take long for my skin to have a reaction to it, and it quickly made for a pretty miserable night until I could get somewhere to wash it off.  Put some face makeup you plan on wearing on your skin well in advance to see if you have a reaction to it.

Inspect that Halloween candy

Orange and black Halloween wrapped candy
Lynne Mitchell

Just about every year there is a story or three in the news about something in trick or treating candy that a kid almost consumed that could have seriously hurt them.  Kids probably won't be as observant as an adult when it comes to eating Halloween candy, so go through their haul before they start digging in.  Be thinking of potential choking hazards, any obvious wrapper tampering, and also consider food allergies if any of your kids have those.

Just some thoughts to think about so Halloween can be a banging good time like it should be while everyone stays as safe as possible.  You can also check out these Halloween safety tips for some more ideas of what to look out for.

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