Valentine's Day can be a stressor, even for those who truly love their significant other.  We just got done spending money on Christmas, and of course there are birthdays, and anniversaries peppered all around.  So, by all means, let's have another holiday forcing us to spend money.  For single people, Valentine's Day can be a bummer too.

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Maybe you are single and long to have someone to spend your money on.  Or maybe you're single because they broke your heart recently.  Whatever the reason, consider celebrating Anti-Valentine's Day.  The beauty of that is it can be whatever you want it to be.

After my divorce which was many years ago, I would on the regular buy myself what I called "Divorce Gifts".  It was therapeutic and helped me deal with what I was feeling over it all.  Consider these things for celebrating Anti-Valentine's Day:

Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day party

Invite all of your single friends over for cocktails and appetizers or have everyone chip in on takeout.  While for 2023 Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday, a school night for many, it doesn't have a be a late night.  It's an excuse to get together though and I think many of us as we get older don't hang with our peeps as often as we'd like.

Buy yourself Anti-Valentine's Day gifts

Or even one gift since you don't have someone else to spend your money on.  Make it a day to spoil you.  Even if it's just picking up a nice steak from a butcher like Superior Meats and cooking it just how you like it, do something for you.

Take yourself on a date

Kind of in line with the buying yourself a gift idea, go out and do something you enjoy.  This is a good idea if you're recently out of a relationship and still working on getting over them.  It's cold in February, so take yourself to an indoor shooting range, or to a non-Valentine's type movie in the theaters.  Again, do something for you.

Buy up that discount candy

Usually right after Valentine's Day, all of the candy and gifts go on clearance.  Buck the system and buy it after, saving some coin and working towards that fat and happy diabetes life.  Who knows, you may just meet your match in the isle doing the same thing.

What other ideas would you suggest for going the route of an Anti-Valentine's Day?

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