I decided over the winter that I am going to start wearing a helmet while riding.  It's based on other drivers, more than it is on me.  Texting and driving is still very much alive and well, and it seems like especially in the last 5 years that people have gotten worse at not using blinkers, or focusing on the road at all.

I am not ready to wear a full face again, I've owned them and have felt too confined with less vision and hearing.  Plus, I ride a bike to enjoy the wind, not have it blocked.  I found several half shell options not of the Harley brand that I liked but I hate ordering online, trying on, and having to return items.  I picked up my bike from service on Saturday and figured I would try on a Harley one.  It's labeled Harley, but it's actually made by Bell.

Now, my first choice would be flat black and with minimal labeling.  I've been over having to wear everything Harley labeled for years, but the first helmet I tried on fit great and unfortunately is not available in other colors or designs.

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Harley Odin Helmet Adjustability- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I went with the Odin for a few reasons, the first being that it fits my head incredibly well.  My head sits in it, versus others I have owned that fit but seemed like they sat higher on my head and the wind pulled them more.  I really liked the adjustability on this helmet, it features a turn dial on the back to click it into place where you need it.  It only weighs a smidgen over 2lbs, so the weight is nice, and the detachable cheek pads are very comfortable.  The helmet also doesn't give my head the male anatomy look as much as a lot of half shells do.  Lastly, the price, it was only $115, and while there are less expensive ones out there, there are much more expensive ones too.  I only have about 100 miles on wearing it, but so far, I am happier than I thought I would be wearing a helmet again.

Harley Odin Helmet- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Harley Odin Helmet- Photo Credit: Joe Danger