With some bouts of earlier spring and even damn near summer like weather in the Twin Ports, many people have already had their bikes on the road.  I am not one of those people, mostly because I have been incredibly busy with work.  I also prefer to wait until the street sweepers have done their job and a good hard rain has pounded away most of the road grit from winter.

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If you're like me and haven't woken your mistress or mistresses up from their winter slumber, there are a few simple things you should probably consider.

First and foremost is the ever so simple visual inspection.  Look for leaks of course under the bike but also along brake lines and suspension seals.  Also make sure to check for potential rodent infestation.  They like to find homes in compartments such as air boxes, mufflers, and luggage areas.  It's always a good idea to check your maintenance records too, think about things like the last oil change, air filter change, and the often forgotten brake fluid.  Along the lines of the maintenance on the bike, check those fluid levels too.

After a long winter, your battery may or may not have been on a trickle charger.  Regardless, you should always make sure that is in tip top shape and ready for the year.  On my list is also tire pressure with a good visual on inspection on those too, checking for cracks and weathering.  Like the brake fluid, plugs usually aren't checked often enough, so it's a good time to inspect those, and replace if needed.  They are cheap enough to buy new ones, so I never monkey around with cleaning them.  This of course isn't an all inclusive list, but just some general thoughts to keep in mind before you get rolling back down the road.  If you do need parts for your de-winterizing, J & P Cycles is pretty reliable and quick to ship just about anything motorcycle related no matter the brand you ride.

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