I know everyone is on the Disney Plus bandwagon currently, in fact most of the only times I have heard Netflix mentioned in the last few weeks was because people said they were dropping it for the Disney option.  I still have it and may or may not be using another person's Disney account.

Messiah got me curious about it after the brief trailer I saw.  I grew up in a pretty strict religion household, and while now my opinions of some all powerful creator are not what they used to be, religion still intrigues me.  Not the organized aspect of it, because I feel that most of that is about control and making money, but rather the idea of it and the meaning it so differently has with each individual.

There are only 10 episodes in the first season and I rarely even start a Netflix series or film because to me they usually suck.  I finished all 10 of this about as quickly as I could.  It's a pretty emotional ride as it takes place in our current times with a guy appearing in the Middle East, not necessarily saying he is the return of Jesus, but it's implied.  The action is decent, there are a few "didn't see that coming" moments, and the actors are pretty on point throughout.  It's definitely a very interesting look at the "what if" question of how people would react if some form of a Messiah showed up today.

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If religion means anything to you, and you haven't cancelled your Netflix yet, check out Messiah.  If you have seen it, what did you think?

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