Last year I received a Smoker on Father's Day, and so far, smoking a farm fresh ham has been the biggest hit with the family.  I've smoked four hams the same way, and it never fails to impress.  The original recipe that I found online for the first time, disappeared from the internet, and of course I didn't save it, so it's a bit of my own spin on what they suggested.  There were also gaps in the original, as far as what rub to use and such, so I had to make up some of it anyway.

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For this, I use a Masterbuilt electric smoker, with hickory wood chips.  Again, this was meant for a farm fresh ham, straight off the pig.  Though, I bet using a pre-smoked one from the store would still be tasty.

To start, I make an injection juice of 1 cup water, 1/2 cup kosher salt, 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire, 3/4 cup of pineapple juice,and 1 cup of apple juice.  Mix all of this in a pot and over medium temp, bring it to a boil while mixing.  Then let it cool a bit and inject it into the ham.  This is kind of optional but I personally wouldn't do it without this step.  Make sure that you have extra apple juice on hand, as I also put a cup of that into the smoker's water tray.  A mixture of pineapple juice and brown sugar can also be basted on the ham every hour while smoking, but I skip that because I don't like opening it, and losing the temp.

If you haven't yet, trim excess fat off of the ham down to a half inch, which in my picture you'll see I didn't really do on this one.  You can also cut diamond lines very slightly into the skin because next you will want to rub a light coat of plain yellow mustard over it, followed by packing brown sugar onto the whole ham.  The it's off to the smoker at 225 degrees.  A twenty pound ham took me about 9 hours, you need that internal temp to hit 165 and you should be good.  About forty minutes before it's done, you can cover the ham partly with foil, allowing smoke to still hit the sides to help crisp it up.  I'd also suggest to keep that smoke rolling the whole time it's in there.  Of course let it rest for about twenty minutes after, and enjoy.  The outside of it will be like eating candy.

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