With the 4th of July festivities planned for this weekend, there will be a lot of car and foot traffic, both bridges have modified schedules.

According to a press release from the City Of Duluth, on July 2nd and 3rd, the Aerial Lift Bridge will be on the same schedule opening at certain times for the Vista cruises and the general public.  The Aerial Lift Bridge will continue to open at request for vessels over 300 gross tons; Federal, state, and local government vessels; vessels in distress; commercial vessels engaged in rescue or emergency salvage operations; vessels engaged in pilot duties; and vessels seeking shelter from severe weather.

On Monday, July 4th, it's a different story, the Aerial Lift Bridge will stay down from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm. Any boat that can fit under the bridge is welcome to go ahead and do that, but if you are in a sailboat or other boat that can't clear the bridge, you have to go down to Wisconsin Point and enter that way or make plans to be under the bridge before the closing hours.

Minnesota Slip Bridge in Canal Park Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The Minnesota Slip Pedestrian Bridge, which some people call the "Blue Bridge" will also be on regular hours on July 2nd and 3rd, but will stay down from 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm on Monday, July 4th. That is the case for pedestrian travelers or people wanting to dock their boats at that inlet.

The chances of you getting "Bridged" always increase during summer because pedestrian and motor traffic increase with people wanting to enjoy Park Point and drive to the end and use the beach house or recreation areas.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

According to goduluthmn.com, the bridge averages 26 lifts a day during the Summer months. Decades ago, pedestrians were able to ride on the bridge when it was raised, which my late Grandpa once did. Because of an accident that claimed the life of a woman when she was crushed, riding became a liability concern and now does not allow anyone to be on.

Here's a link to a Canal Camera to watch the boats that come through.

Here's a great drone view of the Aerial Lift Bridge and the area around it.

Some Of The Most Underrated Beaches In The Northland

Want to enjoy some beach time, but don't want to deal with the crowds of areas like Park Point? Here are some lesser-visited options around the Twin Ports and Northland.

Where Is The Best Fish Fry In The Twin Ports?

The fish fry is one of those meals that has become synonymous with Upper Midwest cuisine. While New England claims its seafood, Texas has its barbecue, and California is the land of 10,000 salads - it seems like the fish fry is omnipresent on a lot of restaurant and grill menus in the part of the country we live in.

And while some could argue what constitutes a proper fish fry (i.e. is the fish battered and deep dried, grilled, or broiled?). And - some might debate whether or not the side dish matters (i.e. is it served with "chips" (French fries) or some other side like mashed potatoes or rice?). No one debates what day of the week is traditional for a fish fry meal: That honor goes to Friday. The Friday connection has it's origins because a variety of religious denominations couldn't eat meat on that day of the week - especially during the Lenten season. However, even outside of Lent, the fish fry special is something most people expect to see on the menu at a restaurant on a Friday.

Even with the special being so prolific to Friday restaurant menus, it seems like the common question - especially here in the Northland - is "who has a fish fry?" or "who has the best fish fry?".

To answer those questions, we've compiled the following list of businesses - listed in alphabetic order - who specifically make mention of their Friday fish fry special on their menus, websites, and social media sites.

Try one, try some, or try them all. You can't go wrong!

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